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Deaf Expo 2019 – It’s a Deaf Thing is coming soon!

Save the Date – October 5, 2019, Lakeland, FL
The Deaf Expo will have over 50 to 60+ vendors and 4,000 tickets! It’s a Deaf Thing expecting 2019 Deaf Expo to be the biggest Deaf Expo ever hosted by ProjectDEAF. Let’s make this Deaf Expo the best expo for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Blind community! Get your tickets for It’s a Deaf Thing below!

A message for the Deaf Community & Hard of Hearing Community

Event Coordinator – Rebekah Hunt 

Hello, my name is Rebekah Hunt, and I am the event coordinator for It’s a Deaf Thing. We have come up with a new sign name for It’s a Deaf Thing. We are excited for 2019! ProjectDEAF and It’s a Deaf Thing wants to wish you a happy new year and safe travel. Also, we are excited for 2019 because 2 years ago, we started with only 4 volunteers, and this year we have 20 volunteers. We are excited about that and a lot of new things that are happening. We hope to see you at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL on October 5, 2019. Remember, register online now and get your tickets! 

Countdown to the next October 5, 2019 Deaf Expo!








Deaf Expo Floor plan

Find your way around the the show

The Deaf expo features 69 booths. The current floor plan is reflective of exhibitors that have been plotted so far in the booth selection process. Booth represented as RED are reserved. Stay up to date with the new vendors additions. 

If you are interested in exhibiting, please fill out the Vendor Registration form. 

Information about It’s a Deaf Thing


These are our availability for October 5, 2019. If you want to represent your business at It’s a Deaf Thing Deaf Expo. The Sponsorship and Booth’s buttons will redirect you to the proper page and application. Let’s bring the Deaf community together and make the world aware of the deaf culture that happen at this Deaf Expo! We’re always looking for deaf business owners, deaf friendly business, and deaf related business to join the deaf culture and make the deaf community stronger and more awareness. We’re hoping to see you at the Expo!

Available Sponsorship Packages

Total Available 12

Available Booths

Total Available 69 Booths

Arts & Craft Booths

Total Available 8 Art & Craft Booths

Available Free Tickets

Total Free 4,000 Tickets


Stay Up To Date With The Latest Updates and Deaf Events Info

It’s a Deaf Thing does not share your information with anyone.

Deaf Events for 2019

Deaf Expo – Lakeland, FL

October 5, 2019

701 W. Lime St. 

Lakeland, FL 33815

Deaf Event Mission: To help the Deaf business owners, deaf related business, and deaf friendly business to expose in the deaf culture and deaf community. Also to bring awareness to the other community about the deaf culture. We also focus on helping the Hard of Hearing community and Blind Community.



Other Deaf Events Coming Soon!

There will be more Deaf events hosted by ProjectDEAF or It’s a Deaf Thing soon. Please check with us often to see any upcoming Deaf events. 



Would you like to Sponsor the Deaf Expo and help the Deaf Community?

It’s a Deaf Thing does not share your information with anyone.


Thank Our Sponsors

ProjectDEAF is a nonprofit organization that focus on helping the deaf community throughout the state of Florida. ProjectDEAF is also the host of the deaf expo.
Whoa Website, LLC. is a web design company that also focus on search engine optimization, social media marketing, branding, and printing. Whoa Website has a deaf business owner.