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What are we looking to have at the Deaf Expo?

If you know American Sign Language, then you are great to have at the Deaf Expo. We are always looking for deaf and hard of hearing people that want to rise and accomplish themselves. We want to show that the deaf community is capable of doing something. We want to show the world that our deafness or disability doesn’t prevent us from being successful or accomplished something.

What are we looking for?

  • If you have the talent to get on stage and entertain the people or put on a show
  • If you have the brain to invent something that could benefit the deaf community and show the world your invention
  • If you have the idea to help improve the ADA laws or help the deaf community
  • If you have a business, you want to represent to the deaf community

Then we would want you on our stage! Famous or not famous, we would love to have you perform on our stage.

What do we expect out of this Deaf Expo for you?

We expect the Deaf Expo help expose you toward thousands of people. If you are new into the business or talent, then we hope to help you to get the word out in the Deaf community about who you are and what you do. Our mission and goal are to run the Deaf Expo to help the deaf community to grow and become successful. We expect you to sell all your products at the Deaf Expo! We do not get a percentage of your sales or charge high amount of money for booths. We expect people to talk about how talented you are and hope to see you perform in a movie or television one day. We expect to see the Deaf and Hard of Hearing standing up for their rights about the ADA laws as a speaker or representative. We hope your business to continue to grow the day after the Deaf Expo. 

Why do we do this?

Every volunteer that we have in It’s a Deaf Thing has the heart and passion for the Deaf community. Everyone that works for It’s a Deaf Thing, and ProjectDEAF receive no money or paycheck. ProjectDEAF and It’s a Deaf Thing was created to help the Deaf community to grow. To let the Deaf people know they are disABLE to do anything. The Deaf Expo is not only to bring the world together but also to help create friends and old friends to reunite.