SVRS - (727) 493-2269 / ZVRS - (727) 231-6020 / Convo - (813) 359-1477 hello@itsadeafthing.com

Job title: Vendor Registration Coordinator

Reports to: Committee Chair

Job Purpose: The vendor registration coordinator is primarily responsible for the recruiting, registering and scheduling of booths.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Recommend booth prices per size
  • Develop/Edit forms for vendor registrations
  • Advertise for vendors (i.e. Facebook, videos, MailChimp email)
  • Collect forms for vendor registrations
  • Encourage interested vendors to consider sponsorship and refer those contacts to Committee Chair for follow-up
  • Communicate with vendors (i.e. receipt of form/fees, rules, vendor packets, etc.)
  • Report to Committee chair regarding progress (contacts made, verbal agreements, confirmed reservations, etc.)


  • Proficient in sign language
  • Comfortable using social media
  • Comfortable in a variety of social settings
  • Leadership abilities
  • Willingness to learn