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Terry Hunt

Terry Hunt – President

Terry Hunt was born profoundly deaf in Texas. The University of Tennessee had taught him sign languages before he moved to Florida to be with his father. His father raised him in Florida without his mother involved. He was also the first Deaf student at Seminole Elementary School in the 1980s. After Seminole Elementary School, he continues going to mainstream school with Deaf programs until going to Tampa Bay Technical High School. He graduated with the Class of 2001. Terry enjoys working on computers; he learned how to fix computers, software development, and web design at the age of 15 while he was in Tampa Bay Technical High School.

Terry is a Deaf Business Owner of Whoa Website, LLC and Pah Photography. Over the past five years since his business established in 2013, he has built over 200+ websites including ProjectDEAF, and It’s a Deaf Thing. 2016, also graduated with an Associate of Science in Software Application Development along with certifications. He will be graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Terry is also a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing master. He has helped hundreds of companies with their social media and SEO for the past five years. His business now has expanded out to photography, video editing and shirt printing.

Terry is married to the Event Coordinator, Rebekah Hunt, and they have a son named Asher. They also have another child on the way and expected on July 7, 2019.

Why Terry Hunt volunteer for It’s a Deaf Thing?

I have seen the greatness in David and Bobbi Lind. I’m not here to brown-nose but the truth is that David and Bobbi Lind have the biggest heart to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Blind community.

I was helping homeless people and school teachers. The look on their face of receiving a donation or check was priceless and better than receiving a paycheck. I have done a lot of volunteer work such as feeding the homeless, helping fundraising, and bringing awareness into Tampa Bay. Now that David Lind invited me to volunteer for It’s a Deaf Thing, my goal is to push this nonprofit to help the Deaf Business Owners, Deaf Related Business and Deaf-Friendly Business Owners.