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Call for Presentations – CEU Workshop

You are invited to submit a presentation application to be considered for It’s a Deaf Thing – CEU Workshop on October 5, 2019. It’s a Deaf Thing continues to build on its legacy as the most anticipated event in the industry by providing unparalleled programming from leading experts across a range of educational tracks and categories.

If selected as a workshop speaker, you will gain increased visibility in the industry and the ability to help shape its future.

To be considered, you must complete the application by July 31, 2019.

Please review Evaluation Process and Guideline before you apply.

Evaluation Process:

ProjectDEAF and ASL Services evaluate all proposed programs based on the following criteria: overall quality, relevance to the industry, well-defined focus within the program track, structure, practical applications of the material, timeliness of the topic and speaker qualifications.

To be considered for the CEU Workshop, your program must be educational— that is interpreter skill development, cultural competency, community services, sales presentations will not be accepted. Industry manufacturers or vendors not exhibiting in the trade show are not eligible to speak or participate as a presenter. Also, your material should be original; otherwise, sources must be referenced. For multiple speakers, each speaker must agree to this submission. Incomplete program submissions will not be considered.

The final program selections and notifications will be made on August 15, 2019. You will be notified only if your program is selected.

Program Guidelines:

Your program should address at least one of the educational tracks. Programs should be one hour in length of time, including a brief session for question and answer. We will seek continuing education unit (CEU) accreditation for all programs once they are selected. Programs should not consist of more than three speakers, including the moderator.

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Do you have any additional presenters?

CEU Workshop Information

American Sign Language (ASL) is the official language of the conference. Presenters will be expected to present in ASL. Intrepers will be provided for non-ASL and English-speaking international presenters

List at least three observable actions that will demonstrate participants' comprehension and integration of the presented information.
You are required to submit a brief (3 minutes or less) video of your workshop abstract and educational objectives for committee review. Post this unlisted video to YouTube and copy the URL to the box above:
Optional - if you have more information for the committee to review.
Will the workshop be using group discussions? How can the presenter know they are effective?