Arts/Crafts Coordinator

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Job title: Arts/Crafts Coordinator

Reports to: Committee Chair

Job Purpose: The arts/craft coordinator is primarily responsible for the management of the art/craft show exhibitors.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Determine rules and fees for submissions as well as any judging guidelines (subject matter, family-friendly, etc.)
  • Develop/edit forms for submissions
  • Advertise for art/craft submissions (i.e. Facebook, videos, MailChimp email)
  • If judging will be done, recruit judges (both skilled and amateur)
  • Communicate with artists/ crafters (i.e. Needs, schedules, etc.)
  • Organize submissions for display
  • Inform the Committee Chair of floor space needed for the show
  • Coordinate delivery of displays before the event begins
  • Coordinate pickup of displays before the event ends


  • Proficient in sign language
  • Skilled artist/crafter
  • Comfortable using social media
  • Comfortable in a variety of social settings
  • Leadership abilities
  • Willingness to learn